General Information

Donation $25 per person

FFSLINGER parties are open to its subscribers and their guests. Our party motto is "Everybody Plays". This is not the place for the merely curious. Just 'standing around' is not allowed. Our members are here to play not get married. FFS regulars are serious ASSPLAYERS who leave the attitude at home. FFS is a 'family' that welcomes beginners as well as the experienced. We try to hook you up with a fist that fits your experience level. Fist Fucking is our main play, all else is secondary, therefore not encouraged, although condoms are available.

Everything else is provided. There are seven slings, one fuck machine, one rim seat, 3 leather covered full sized (one queen) beds an assortment of ass toys, 3 DVD movies in each room, lube, gloves, paper towels, and pads.

All we ask YOU to provide is a Clean asshole, trimmed nails and good hygienic habits, like cleaning up after yourself! Saturday parties begin precisely at 7pm, and most guys arrive ready to play so you need to get here early, because most of our members start out playing hard and are usually pretty much "done" by 11pm-12am ! So get here early!

There is a place for touch ups ONLY, there is one bathroom so please don't hog the space. Drugs and Smoking are Strongly Forbidden and offenders will be asked to leave. This is a private residence so please respect that. BYOB.

FFS Parties are generally scheduled on Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons approximately once a month. The schedule of parties is generally planned approximately 3 months in advance but may be added to the schedule as late as 1-2 weeks in advance. As dates are scheduled they and posted on this website. You may also sign-up for email notices of upcoming parties using the sign-up form below.

Good Luck and Welcome

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Upcoming Party Schedule 2020

Next FFS Party Date

Date: Saturday, 1/11/2020
Time: 7:00PM - 11:00 AM

$25 donation

Future FFS Party Dates

Saturday, Jan. 18, 7pm-11pm (*AG)
Saturday, Jan. 25, 7pm-11pm

Saturday, Feb. 8, 7pm-11pm
Saturday, Feb. 15, 7pm-11pm (*AG)
Saturday, Feb. 22, 7pm-11pm

Saturday, Mar. 7, 7pm-11pm
Saturday, Mar. 14, 7pm-11pm (*AG)
Saturday, Mar. 21, 7pm-11pm

Saturday, Apr. 11, 7pm-11pm
Saturday, Apr. 18, 7pm-11pm (*AG)
Saturday, Apr. 25, 7pm-11pm

Saturday, May. 9, 7pm-11pm
Saturday, May. 16, 7pm-11pm
Saturday, May. 23, 7pm-11pm (*AG)

Saturday, Jun. 6, 7pm-11pm
Saturday, Jun. 13, 7pm-11pm
Saturday, Jun. 20, 7pm-11pm (*AG)

(*AG) - All Genders Invited on these days only

BYOB - Refreshments Served
$25 donation


Please join the email list below to receive notifications of parties as they are scheduled.


Rules and Etiquette

Videos, crisco, towels refreshments and much much more including five-seven slings and 3 full size beds!


This is a private space, any signs of disrespect and you will be asked to leave


Our Motto:
Everybody Plays!


By Subway

Take the F train to Roosevelt Island (15 min from 34th st). Out of the station make a right then another right. Go North up Main St to 510 Main St. please ring #250 then press call. Go to Apartment No. 1302.

In inclement weather take the red line bus one stop (25 cents). The bus will let you off in front of 510 Main st.

By Tram

The tram leaves from 58th and 2nd Ave and takes 3 minutes. When you leave the station follow Main street north to 510 Main St. please ring #250 then press call. Go to Apartment No. 1302

In inclement weather take the red line bus 2 stops (25 cents). The bus will let you off in front of 510 Main st.