What is Handball

Fisting (fist´ing)n

An archaic but prevalent term for the retrograde exploration of the digestive tract with the hand and arm, for purposes of sexual pleasure. A term suggesting violence and sleaze.

What is Handballing?

Handballing is manipulation of the anal canal, the rectum and (sometimes) the colon, with the hand, and sometimes forearm , in such a manner as to be sensually pleasurable.

A term for the same activity (fisting), allowing possibilities of intimate love making and spiritual communion.

Excerpt from TRUST,The Hand Book by Bert Herrman Alamo Square Press 1991

For First Timers - A must read ...

Ever take a really big dick for the first time? That´s what fisting doesn´t have to be; painful. A skilled top will play with your hole, and love and cherish it in a million ways before his hand slips easily into you. There may be a little discomfort, a little pressure before hand, but it´ll pale in comparison to the trust and connection you´ll make with your top once the deed is done.

If your topping for the first time then you´ll appreciate the trust the bottom has in you. Your eyes will meet and you´ll look into each others souls and appreciate the trust and bonding as his hole closes around your wrist and a primal growl might come from within and you´ll feel the passionate throbbing of his prostate as you explore further.

Handballing begins as ass play. The asshole is a live thing and can be played with, enjoyed ,manipulated and teased to a point where its ´hunger´ becomes almost unbearably insatiable, even needy. Regular Handballing can create an addiction that eventually may exclude cock, inviting plenty of toys, dildos and gimmicks and above all a skilled hand, wrist, and forearm.

Many Handballers are ass aficionados. They tend to be excellent rimmers, and have a fine appreciation not just for rounded butt cheeks or a firm bubble butt but for a fine sweet puckered butthole, a furry hairline crack, right up to a blooming blood red rosebud. The Handballing population judge their partners by a different set of rules. Pretty don´t mean a thing if he can´t fit in a sling! Experience is valued along with a fine hand and an easy touch.

Handballing is not, nor should it be something entered into lightly. The risk of developing health issues comes with any practice where one or the other partner is ignorant or unskilled. Deep journey men run the risk of perforated colons, untrimmed nails can scratch the anus causing infection. Wear gloves, trim your nails, deep clean your ass, are the rules to play by.

That´s it in a nutshell. There are more helpful hints on maintenance and problem free play but that comes later. There are preferred lubricants, to glove or not to glove, all will be covered in future posts.


This is an Adult site catering exclusively to Adults who are interested in the art of fisting/handballing.


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